Cape Cod Invitational Cup 2012

‘Cape Cod Invitational Cup’ Relay Challenge for 2012
Competition Run during the 2012 Cape Cod Marathon on October 28, 2012

Falmouth Track Club sponsored the inaugural Cape Cod Invitational Cup Relay Challenge during the Cape Cod Marathon on Sunday, October 28, 2012.

There was a 100% turnout from the five Clubs who registered three teams each: one men’s only open team, one women’s only open team, and one mixed open team, and all fifteen teams completed the Relay race successfully.

The five Clubs who participated in 2012 were as follows:
Cape Cod Athletic Club
Colonial Road Runners
Falmouth Track Club
Thirsty Irish Runners
Wampanoag Road Runners

As per the competition rules, the Clubs were scored by adding together the ranking of each of the three teams entered against all the CCM Relay teams who finished. The Club with the lowest cumulative score won the Cape Cod Invitational Cup for 2012.

Based on this methodology, the winning Club for 2012 was the Wampanoag Road Runners with a cumulative score of 36. Congratulations to the Wamps!

The total scores for the top three finishers were:
1st: Wampanoag Road Runners – 36
2nd: Cape Cod Athletic Club – 77
3rd: Colonial Road Runners – 152

Many of the teams left the Cape promptly following the end of the race due to the pending arrival of Hurricane Sandy.

Accordingly, a formal presentation of the freshly-forged Cape Cod Invitational Relay Challenge Cup was presented to Jim Morris, Director, Wampanoag Road Runners, in Norwood on 18th November, by John Banner, Director, FTC.

The Wamps will return the cup to FTC prior to 2013’s CCM so that it can be presented to the winner of the 2013 CCIC Relay Challenge.