FTC New Office Under Construction

The office location is 661D Main Street, next door to the Falmouth Road Race Office. Featured in the photos are Paul DiAngelis (hanging the sheetrock and taping the joints) and Ed Pas who helped hang sheetrock and insulate a wall. Prior to that, Mike Garry, Bob Richards, John Banner, Jack Carroll and Courtney Bird have done demo work, repaired the suspended ceilings and other tasks. A professional electrician, Matt Theodore, who used to run before his knees gave out, has done all the electrical work and Terry Souza, who is a FTC Member, framed the new wall separating the storage area from the office.

Featured in the photos are Paul DiAngelis, Russ Pelletier, Jack Carroll, Matt Auger and Bob Piccolo. The unit is painted and next is installing finish trim and shelving.

Building the shelves for storing all the marathon and FTC stuff, thanks to Paul DiAngelis and Courtney Bird, with help from John Banner.

The office space is divided into 1/3 office and 2/3 storage. Paul DiAngelis and Courtney Bird spent 2 full weeks building 500 lineal feet of shelves to store all the paraphernalia from the club and the marathon. Next up is carpeting and completion of the electrical.