Second Annual Cape Cod Invitational Cup Club Relay

CCIC-TrophyFor the second year running, Falmouth Track Club organized and hosted the Cape Cod Invitational Cup (CCIC) Club Relay held during the 2013 Cape Cod Marathon/Relay in Falmouth on Sunday, October 27, 2013.

Last year, including Falmouth Track Club, a total of five eastern New England running clubs competed against each other for the right to hold and display the Cape Cod Invitational Cup Trophy for twelve months, until this year’s Cape Cod Marathon.

The format for the competition is that each Club nominates at least two Relay teams:

Men’s Open     Women’s Open     Mixed Men’s and Women’s Open

Each team’s score is determined by their overall placing in the Relay (ranked by all 200+ relay teams completing the race; aka ‘cross country’ scoring), and the Club with the lowest total score from their two best teams wins the Cape Cod Invitational Cup trophy.

Based on this methodology, the winning Club for 2012 was the Wampanoag Road Runners.

This year, the three winning Club scores were much tighter, and the winning Club, Cape Cod Athletic Club, scored an amazingly low 5 points ie the CCAC Merrill Family (Men’s) team Captained by Mike Merrill was 1st and the CCAC Coed (Mixed Men’s and Women’s) team Captained by Geof Newton was 4th overall. Total Club scores for the top three finishers were:

1st: Cape Cod Athletic Club – 5
2nd: Greater Boston Track Club – 36
3rd: Greater Lowell Road Runners – 80

The above top three finishers receive a discounted entry fee in 2014.

This year’s Falmouth Track Club teams finished in an impressive 3rd and 18th place, with a combined Club score of 21; but were unfortunately not able to qualify because of a discrepancy in the Mixed Men’s and Women’s team composition. Nevertheless, Falmouth runners have their eyes set on winning the Cup in the 2014 competition! In addition, due to scheduling conflicts, last year’s winner, Wampanoag Road Runners, did not compete in 2013, and Colonial Road Runners – who finished 3rd in 2012 – were only able to field one team so were also unable to compete in this year’s competition. Both Wampanoag RR’s and Colonial RR’s plan to compete in 2014.

Following their spectacular win, the Cape Cod Invitational Relay Challenge Cup was presented to Adam Ross, Treasurer, Cape Cod Athletic Club, at the Falmouth Track Club office in Falmouth on December 2, by John Banner, Director, FTC.