Fourth Annual Cape Cod Invitational Cup Club Relay

For the fourth year running, Falmouth Track Club organized and hosted the Cape Cod Invitational Cup (CCIC) Club Relay Challenge held during the 2015 Cape Cod Marathon/Relay in Falmouth on Sunday, October 25, 2015.

Last year, including Falmouth Track Club, a total of six eastern New England running clubs competed against each other for the right to hold and display the Cape Cod Invitational Cup Trophy for twelve months, until this year’s Cape Cod Marathon.

The format for the competition is that each Club nominates at least two Relay teams, one from at least two of the following three Divisions:

Men’s Open Women’s Open Mixed Men’s and Women’s Open

Each team’s score is determined by their overall placing in their Relay Division (aka ‘cross country’ scoring), and the Club with the lowest total score from their two best teams wins the Cape Cod Invitational Cup trophy.

Based on a similar but slightly different scoring methodology, the winning Club for 2014 was the Cape Cod Athletic Club.

This year seven regional running Clubs competed.

The three winning Club scores were very close, with 1st, 2nd and 3rd place separated by 1 point each. The winning Club was for the 3rd straight year Cape Cod Athletic Club, scoring an amazingly low 3 points. The CCAC Mixed Open team was 1st overall in their Division and the CCAC Women’s team was 2nd overall in their Division.

The Wampanoag Road Runners placed second overall with the WRR Women’s team placing 1st overall in their Division and the WRR Mixed team placing 3rd overall for a combined score of 4.

Falmouth Track Club placed third overall with the FTC Men’s team placing 1st overall in their Division and the FTC Mixed team placing 4th overall for a combined score of 5.

Total Club scores for the top three places were:-

1st: Cape Cod Athletic Club – 3
2nd: Wampanoag Road Runners – 4
3rd Falmouth Track Club – 5

Comparing this year’s top three final scores of 3, 4 and 5, to previous year’s top three final scores clearly shows that the Cape Cod Invitational Cup Club competition is getting more and more competitive.

The top three scoring Clubs also receive a discounted entry fee in 2016.

One of the other Clubs competing, Somerville Road Runners, scored a very impressive 6, and this was only their first time competing in the CCIC Relay Challenge. Thirsty Irish Runners, Greater Boston Track Club and Colonial Road Runners made up the rest of the field.

Following their spectacular back-to-back-to-back wins, the Cape Cod Invitational Club Relay Cup was presented to runners from CCAC’s two Relay teams, at a post-race ceremony in Falmouth, by Kevin Leach, President, FTC, on 25th October 2014.

Cape Cod Athletic Club will hold the Cup until October next year and will return the cup to FTC prior to the 2016 Cape Cod Marathon so that it can be presented to the winner of the 2016 CCIC Club Relay Challenge.

For the 2016 competition, Falmouth Track Club plans to expand the number of Clubs invited and it is expected that there will be 10+ clubs competing for the Cup.

Congratulations again to Cape Cod Athletic Club and to all the runners who participated in the 2015 Cape Cod Invitational Cup Club Relay Challenge!