Winter Warrior Challenge 2015

Many members of the Track Club participated as a team in the Marathon Sports Winter Warrior Challenge this January. The challenge was to get out every day of the month to run or walk a minimum set distance. The FTC team – FTC’s Frozen Track Club – finished the challenge ranked #1 in a field of 125 teams! Top ten teams:

1. FTC’s Frozen Track Club 6621.08 miles
2. Colonial Road Runners 4870.31 miles
3. Wompatuck Road Runners 2884.8 miles
4. Kickin’ ASSphalt 2596.71 miles
5. CCAC Frozen Feet 2562.68 miles
6. Cape Cod Winter Warriors 2171.4 miles
7. Blizzard Bitches 1787.34 miles
8. Uncle Ernst’s Autonomous Collective 1694.05 miles
9. Oiselle Flock 1692.49 miles
10. Melrose Boot Camp 1675.59 miles

A few members of the FTC’s Frozen Track Club also wrote poems commemorate the Winter Warrior Challenge. (Skip down to poems below.)

FTC Member Distance Totals

  1. George Bailie 423.0 miles
  2. Margaret Malone 405.55 miles
  3. Glenn Pacheco 265.96 miles
  4. Chantal Desgagne 236.53 miles
  5. Marylee Schroeder 230.01 miles
  6. Carl Gustafson 221.8 miles
  7. Susan Eliason 200.6 miles
  8. Pat Gales 199.72 miles
  9. Joanne Phalon 199.12 miles
  10. Bob Richards 190.85 miles
  11. Chet Orban 181.47 miles
  12. Betsy Gladfelter 180.5 miles
  13. Wendy Carroll 179.68 miles
  14. Glen Rogers 178.2 miles
  15. Maureen Thomas 175.8 miles
  16. Kris Tholke 172.5 miles
  17. Dina Pandya 168.0 miles
  18. Jack Carroll 167.9 miles
  19. Pam Amaral 159.98 miles
  20. Paula Baxter 156.21 miles
  21. Ann Tarrant 154.93 miles
  22. Aletha Dalicandro 150.86 miles
  23. David McPherson 141.1 miles
  24. Nina Geatrakas 134.56 miles
  25. Karen Smith-Rohrberg 131.6 miles
  26. Kevin Leach 122.3 miles
  27. Michael Falcone 121.2 miles
  28. Mananjo Jonahson 111.492 miles
  29. Doris Beatty 104.69 miles
  30. John Banner 101.1 miles
  31. Helen Kennedy 94.52 miles
  32. Denise Acquaviva 88.2 miles
  33. Gloria Leach 67.1 miles
  34. Nancy Peters 66.46 miles
  35. Lee Barrington 55.5 miles
  36. Christine Goff 52.81 miles
  37. Judy Damario 46.71 miles
  38. Matthew Dalicandro 46.23 miles
  39. Sally Hartmann 40.0 miles
  40. Kathleen Shaw 36.78 miles
  41. Maggi Yates 35.4 miles
  42. Bob Yates 31.44 miles
  43. Barbara Ball 31.0 miles
  44. Jill Bishop 15.0 miles
  45. Mark Chrusz 6.0 miles
  46. Michelle Itzkowitz 2.0 miles


Winter Warrior Challenge Poems

Poem I

The Holidays came and then they went.
All our money and credit were spent.
Then came word from Carl, aka “Ice”
With a thought that sounded really nice.
Run each Jan day, from one to three one
That would be easy and even some fun.
Winter Warriors we all sure would be
Weather, Be Damned! Be Quiet Sore Knee!

– Mixed Precip Magoo (Maggi Yates)


Poem II

I dreamed, I planned, I dressed, I ran
With great hopes I dashed off
I found to my delight a new fan
A WW teammate named Olof
We were joined by WWs along the way
We joked, and laughed and ran all day
The miles went by without a worry
I never felt rushed or in a hurry

– Ice Carl (Carl Gustafson)


Poem III

On my WW run straight down Shore Street,
Seven quite confused turkeys I did meet.
Then I saw the fast car approaching.
These bold fowl would need some quick coaching!
Halted that car! Got birds on the sidewalk,
Beside the house, despite their loud squawk!
Proudly I thought: “My job here is done.”
And so, I finished my WW run.

– From the run of Winter Queen (Doris Beatty)


Poem IV

As we headed out in the pre dawn
Cold white stuff covered driveway and lawn
We thought we would do better at lunch
But got more cold, snow, sun in a bunch!

– Mixed Precip Magoo (Maggi Yates)


Poem V

Awake, the moon sets and sun’s up
Dreaming of a full coffee cup
While running, shivering, then sweating
Smiling, logging never forgetting

– Shivering Sue (Susan Eliason)


Poem VI

A road trip to Boston after work,
A 3 hour home trip, that’s not a perk!
A Winter Warrior with miles to do,
I went for a walk and managed 2.
Then ran some fast laps around the yard,
Under the spotlight-it wasn’t hard.
Back out on the ice, I walked with Beagles
And finished 5 plus! I soar with eagles!

– From the run of Artic Puffin (Pam Amaral)


Poem VII

A 5:30 chill in the Great North Woods
Could not stop my run, I had the goods.
A good face mask, a real warm hat
Would keep me going and that was that.
The calm on Main Street kept my pace
But ‘round the bend, the wind hit my face
Stepped into a doorway that was near
To try to put on my toasty gear.
Then I saw through the mask’s beady eyes,
The face of a woman with a look of surprise.
She was in store, paper work to do,
When my weird getup came into view.
She raised up her hands and gave a call:
“I give up! Take it all! Take it all!”
This she yelled just before I knew
She was joking with her big to-do.
We both were glad it wasn’t real.
With other things we now could deal.
So laughingly we each gave a wave,
I went on my way, my run to save.
In a short time, I was heading home
On a different path to change the tone.
The hill on the sidewalk had no ice.
I ran up fast and speeded up twice.
But going too quickly isn’t so wise
For at the top, another surprise.
There was the ice that was not on the side
My only way down would be to slide
At the bottom, my slide kept on straight;
I heard the horn of the truck irate.
But the wind got me across in time;
Now for home and that would feel fine.
This tale’s not done, for as I flew by.
That woman came, but not to say “Hi”
“Who was that Masked Man?” was her crack
To which I replied, “I will be back!”
As I finally ended this run I had chosen,
A smile crossed my face that was still frozen.
Who knows what adventures can come from a run?
Early in the morn, or in full sun?

– From the run of Chilly Chet (Chet Urban)



Wendy and I, out to run in snow,
We didn’t know how far we could go.
But we, Winter Warriors, still had fun,
And guess what? We ran our five point one!

– Jack Frost (Jack Carroll)


Poem IX

The Polar Express pulled out on time
Heading for Coffee O.
Who would I meet, who would I greet
While charging on through the snow?
First turned left and then turned right
Ramping up the pace.
Charging through the dark of night
I could be any place.
On down Elm, across to the bike path
Nary a soul did I see.
Not a dog nor a cat, no nothing like that.
Nobody out there, but me.
Not a truck nor a car, and I’ve gone so far.
I saw a light through the snow.
It wasn’t a car, it wasn’t a bar
It was that wonderful place, Coffee O.
I headed inside and there was my bride,
Waiting with two steaming mugs.
Mixed Precip Magoo, I knew it was you
Waiting to give me big hugs…

– The Polar Express (Bob Yates)


Poem X

There once was a runner named Flee’n…
Who traveled south so he wouldn’t be freez’n…
Heading out on his quest,
He landed in Key West,
And said ‘I’m nuts to not stay for the season!’

– Flee’n the Freez’n (John Banner)



Many days have past since that first tepid one
We have run in the rain, the sleet, ice and sun
The miles have increased, the smiles as well.
I will certainly have many tall tales to tell!

– Ice Carl (Carl Gustafson)