Friday Five Course Description

The route starts at a yellow line in front of the bowling alley in the parking lot at Town Hall Square, making a loop around the parking lot, out past the Taxi Stand onto Walker Street. Runners turn right on Walker St. Runners take a right on Beebe Acres Rd., looping around to reconnect with Walker Street where they pass the 1 mile mark. At the end of Walker Street, runners turn right on Surf Drive. Runners then turn right on Mill Road, passing the 2 mile mark along the way. At the end of Mill Road runners turn left onto Woods Hole Road, running for a few yards on the sidewalk and crossing the Shining Sea Bike Path, and almost immediately turn left again onto Elm Road, where the only hills on the course are located (and they are small).

Runners turn right onto Quonset Road, which contains the 3 mile mark in its short loop, and runners come back out onto Elm Road where they take a right. At the end of Elm Road, with Martha’s Vineyard visible directly ahead, runners turn left onto Surf Drive, passing Salt Pond and an active osprey nest on the left. Runners continue along Surf Drive, passing the 4 mile mark, until they take a left onto Walker Street. They continue up Walker Street to the Taxi Stand and take a left to re-enter Town Hall Square and make the same loop around the parking lot to the yellow line that started the race. Download a Course Map PDF.
Friday Night Five Course Map