Boston Marathon Qualification-Waived Entry

Each year, the BAA makes available to the New England running clubs a limited number of entries for which the age group time qualifications are waived. This year 3 entries of this type have been be given to the Falmouth Track Club. The entry fee for these qualification-waived entries is $360.00.

In order to be fair, the following procedure will be used:

1. Any interested member should fill out the 2018 Boston Marathon Waiver Form. The completed form should be mailed to FTC President, Box 699, West Falmouth, MA 02574 or e-mailed to The envelope should be marked “Boston Waiver” on the lower left hand corner. Note, anyone who has simply spoken to someone on the board expressing an interest in running should make sure they fill out the waiver application form.

2. The waiver form asks for information on primarily two areas: (1) what the applicant has done to support club activities in the past year (volunteering, participating in club races or fun runs, etc.) and (2) a description of the applicant’s current training (weekly mileage, number of times a week one runs, longest and shortest average run in a week, number races a month, track workouts, Friday night runs, etc., etc.)

3. The deadline for the club to be in receipt of the waiver form is Friday, December 27, 2017.

4. The person MUST be a current 2017 dues paying member and have paid his or her 2018 club dues.

The board will meet at a date soon after January 1 if there are more than 3 applicants who the Board determines meet the above criteria and will select 3 runners from that qualified group. Applicants for the waivers will be notified in early January if they were selected or not.

The deadline for waived entries being received by the BAA for Boston is Friday, January 26, 2018! That means the entry forms should be in the mail by Friday, January 19, at the absolute latest.

Please Note! If you receive a waiver from the club and later cannot run, BAA rules stipulate that your marathon registration cannot be be deferred and is non-transferable.