FTC Member Race Fee Reimbursement Program

Please read this page first before filling out the application since it explains what you need to do to apply for race fee reimbursement.

In order to recognize and support our members who volunteer their time and efforts for Club activities, a Race Fee Reimbursement Program was launched in September 2008.

All the Club asks for in return is that you keep your membership current, register in the race of your choice as a member of the Club, wear Falmouth Track Club shirt or singlet at the race, and volunteer for FTC events.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You must be a current, paid member of the Falmouth Track Club
  2. You must wear a Falmouth Track Club shirt or singlet at the race
  3. For races that ask club affiliation, you must identify on the race application that you are competing as a member of the FTC
  4. Fee reimbursement is capped at $100.00 per event, and at $100 per calendar year for individuals and $150 per calendar year for families.
  5. Reimbursement applications should be postmarked no later than 30 days after the event.
  6. Reimbursement is not allowed for FTC-awarded Boston Marathon waiver recipients.

What the club will pay for:

    1. Reimbursement for members completing the entire USATF NE Grand Prix Series.
    2. Reimbursement for FTC-sponsored race events and for other races is a function of how much you are able to do for the Club, as follows
      For every 2 Club events you participate in, get 1 race reimbursed. Examples include volunteering to assist at FTC-sponsored races (e.g. CC Marathon/Half/Relay, Seagull 6, Main St Mile), Falmouth Road Race, FITFRR, annual Jones Rd clean-up, FTC race timing events, FTC course measurement events, FTC function mobilizations/demobilizations, monthly meetings, etc. In addition, anyone who serves as an FTC Race Director, Board Member or CCM Committee Member qualifies for race fee reimbursements.

To apply for reimbursement, please complete the application and mail it to:
Falmouth Track Club
PO Box 699
W Falmouth, MA 02574

If you have any questions on the program, please contact one of the Members at Large, Paul DiAngelis at pdiangelis@gmail.com or Kris Tholke at kris_tholke@hotmail.com.